44 Ways to Reverse Your Age

First, The Attitude
Take 90 Minutes to Try These 3 Tonight
Give Your Body This From Now On
Give Your Spirit This
Give Your Mind This
Lighten Your Heart
Stop Poisoning Yourself
Try These Techniques
Appendix A: Vitamin Supplements You Really Need
Appendix B: Extra Bits That Didn't Get Squeezed In

First, The Attitude

1) Believe that age reversal is possible. That it's happening all the time inside you. Your body is a self-repairing phenomenon that is trying to achieve a state of perfection. That's why cuts heal and bones mend. In fact, right now, old cells in your body are being removed by your immune system and new ones are being created. You'll have a new stomach lining in five days. A new liver within six weeks. All new skin within a month. And in three months all the cells of your skeleton will have been replaced. Within seven years all the cells that make up your body today will be gone. So if you keep replacing yourself like this, why shouldn't you look like new!
     A major cause of aging is that your immune system has more repair work than it can handle. So middle aged cells aren't being repaired like they should and old cells aren't being removed as quickly as they should, and the new cells are being created with mistakes - that sort of thing.
     To reverse your age do this: Stop creating more work for your immune system, give it what it needs to make repairs - and just let your body naturally repair itself! Your body's natural condition is glowing radiant health and you will get there if you work with your body instead of against it.

2) See yourself as youthful. Youthful is a state of mind. And where your mind is at, well, it sets the tone and pretty much everything else will follow. In the East they teach we are made of both a physical body and an energy body. (This energy body permeates and surrounds the physical body and has different aspects to it such as: primal, emotional, rational, willful and spiritual - which can seem to act on their own sometimes.) Further, and this is important, whatever happens to the physical body has to happen in the energy body first. The good news is that this emotional/rational/willpower energy body will respond to your thoughts and how you see yourself. As you see yourself growing more youthful, your energy body will become more youthful, and then your physical body will appear to reverse its age - it has to, that's just the way things work.

3) Don't lose your run. Have you ever noticed that kids like to run around a lot? (Wanna know why? It's because they can!) Have you ever noticed that elderly people don't run at all? So when you put those two facts together, what do you get? Yeah, somewhere along the way, people are losing their ability to run and making the switch from youthful to elderly. So don't lose your run. If you ever get the urge to run to your car like a little kid would, don't deny it, go for it! And if you don't get that urge anymore, maybe you should go looking for it. (BTW, sprinting is good, but running long distances is hard on your heart and skeleton and is not the best choice of exercise for most people.)

Take 90 Minutes to Try These 3 Tonight

4) Cut Cords. Everytime somebody thinks of you, they send out a phsycic energy cord which can attach to your energy body. You may have dozens connected to you right now. If it's a loving cord, like between you and a child, it will stay strong as long as you both want it to. If it's a negative cord, like somebody who is mad at you, you would be better off without that drain on your system.
Do this: Stand up. Start with a mini prayer for guidance and protection. (Say something like "Dear God help me cut my negetive cords and please protect me. Thank you, in full faith, so be it, so it is.") Now put one hand above your head and the other as low as you can reach in front of you. Say "I am gathering all the negetive cords on my front" and move one hand down and the other up so that you gather your cords in the middle around your belly. If you are sensitive you will feel them and know when to stop moving your hands together. When you feel or imagine the cords bunched up in your hands in front of you, keep a grip on them and slowly pull them out. Pull them out hand over hand like a rope, give them a yank if you like. Then, keep holding them with one hand but let go with the other. Take your free hand and with a swinging karate chop motion cut the cords in front of your belly three times and say, "Cut! Cut! Cut! The negetive cords are cut and I am throwing them in the sun!" And make a motion to throw the cords away and visualize them being burned up by the sun. Finally, visualize your back in front of you and repeat the process on your imaginary back.
     It only takes a minute to cut cords (or tentacles as I've also heard them called), so go ahead and do it everyday before bed or whenever you feel one latching on. And of course, realize that you too are sending out cords, so try to make them the good kind.*

5) Go for a long hard walk. Try and cover three miles in an hour. Walk for two or three hours if possible. Work up a sweat, really flush out those lungs, get into a rythym where your body is so busy walking that your mind can loosen up for a change. Walk the stress out. Be open to what the universe is trying to tell you (if you see a heron that's good, if a bird poops on you, not so good). As you walk all the systems of your body get a boost: immune, circulation, nervous, digestive, endocrine, skeletal, etc. Some cultures believe that walking can purify the soul as well as the body. It's an interesting thought isn't it? Is that why in the kung fu movies that a soldier becomes a wandering monk after one battle too many? Oops, I digress.

6) Take a salt bath. Get a standard 28 oz carton of salt. Doesn't matter what brand, iodized, comes from the sea, or whatever - just regular table salt. Fill the tub with hot/warm water (however you like it) and pour the whole container of salt in. (I rip the top off, it goes faster that way.) Stir up the water so the salt gets disolved. Then jump in and have a bath!
     The salt in the water will absorb negativity out of your energy body, thus cleansing you energetically. I like to help this process along by asking the water to help me get clean. I've been amazed many times how much different the water looks after I got out compared to when I went in. I've also noticed that I am usually energized after a salt bath, instead of exhausted like a hot bath would usually leave me feeling. Don't stay in the salt water longer than fifteen minutes! Because you will start to reabsorb the negetivity out of the water. After fifteen minutes, or earlier if it feels right, rinse off thoroughly with a shower.*

Give Your Body This From Now On

7) Clean water. Our bodies are made of cells. Cells need water to stay plump and healthy. Dehydrated cells die. Dehydrated tissue looks wrinkled. Water gives life (this should be obvious). Water keeps the waste your cells produce (and other toxins) flushed out. Nothing better has been invented. Coffee is a diuretic which means it is drying you out, not hydrating you. If you pee clear a couple/few times a day you are probably doing fine. Find a way to put water into your life every day. But of course don't over do it either. If you'd like to energize your water first, leave it in the sun for a while before drinking it (preferably out of the plastic container). You can also use your hands* or prayer to energize/purify the water.

8) Vitamin supplements. A long time ago folks used to get a lot more natural vitamins and minerals in their diet. Fresh fruits and vegetables were eaten at every meal, they were grown in nutrient rich soil, and often went from the garden to the table with no middleman. Now most of us eat processed foods which are lacking in natural vitamins, exotic minerals and essential enzymes. Much of our supermarket/ restaurant produce is irradiated which kills some of the good along with the bad, and technically, leaves the food a little radioactive.
     It is essential that we give our bodies the nutrients it needs to repair the damage caused by pollution, stress, and regular wear and tear. We simply can't eat enough good food to get all the vitamins and minerals our bodies crave. I've heard that most of us eat less than 10mg a day of vitamin E, but could use over 100mg a day. Vitamin supplements are key to anti-aging. There's a simple appendix at the end to get you started.

9) Daily fiber. The liver filters toxins out of your blood and then dumps that junk into your small intestine. Unfortunately, where it dumps it is far from the place where you poop it out. Which means there is plenty of oppoturnity for those toxins that your liver worked hard to remove to get reabsorbed through the small intestine back into your system. The way to prevent this is to have plenty of fiber in your small intestine. The fiber will absorb and hold the poison until you pass it. Not enough fiber means the toxins can cycle through your system over and over again - putting a lot of stress on your liver and keeping your body toxic. Another reason to eat those fruits and vegetables! Also, the roughage sweeps the toxic crud that can build up on your intestinal walls (that you might get with a diet of donuts and cheesy-poofs for example).

10) Anaerobic exercise at least once a week. Move it or lose it - that's just a fact of life. Aerobic exercise like walking is good - you should do that. But anaerobic exercise is the kind that leaves your heart pounding like a pile driver and makes you want to hold on to something while you try and catch your breath. It makes your sweat glands release toxins that they didn't even know they had! (There are four ways we expel toxins: pee, poo, sweat, exhale - a good workout covers two out of four).
     You build your willpower and your energy body as you force your flesh to perform at higher and higher levels. As you get in shape, these higher levels of performance will become ordinary. Find a sport that you can excel at, and put some fun into the challange of becoming extraordinarily fit in mind and body. (For me that's climbing up mountainsides, bike riding, skiing, and I've just taken up kayaking. What activity would you enjoy this weekend?)

11) Adventure/ Adreneline. Go on an adventure and get your adreneline pumping! Fear makes you feel alive! It gets your life juices flowing. Don't shy from it, go for it! Push your envelope, your comfort zone, further out every year. Sure activities like free climbing, skydiving, bunjee jumping, skiing, or motorcycling can go wrong and shorten your life. But when done right, these sorts of activities can give your body and mind a tremendous rush of energy which will keep you invigorated for days afterward. Find a sport that gives you the rush but which is within your level of acceptable risk. Stagnation equals death. You will grow if you push yourself to do new things, and with growth comes increased energy. And you just might meet some interesting people while you're at it too.
     BTW, the adreneline you get from watching a violent action movie is your fight/flight response being triggered - and it's stressful on your body to have no outlet for the energy because you are just sitting there. But they are fun sometimes aren't they?

12) Moderation. Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. That goes for food, exercise, adrenaline, sleep, sex, sunshine, vacation - you name it. As for the things that you know are harmful to you - you can probably get away with a little bit once a week or so. If you're miserable because the cake looks so good and you aren't lettinng yourself have any - you're better off having a little slice. The benefits of the joy you get will outweigh the misery from absolute denial. Besides your body can handle some junk every once in a while. In fact, a little junk is probably a good thing. Some of those health freaks look weak to me - like one sneeze could bring them down.
     In some cases, like quitting smoking, the joy of conquering that demon once and for all may be stronger than the joy of caving in for one - you need to adjust your moderation for different circumstances. And hey, occasionally, even moderation should be taken in moderation and the occasional wild weekend just might be the best thing for you.
     Finding balance is key here. But what is it? To me at the moment, I think living in balance is a gentle swing back and forth between moments of divine grace and pleasing the beast within. If I can do both at the same time that's true power (like that feeling of standing on a summit). But it could be I have no idea what I'm talking about. Find what balance means to you.

13) Proper sleep. Dark, silent, uninterrupted, "I'm exhausted and I've earned this" kind of sleep. You should sleep in a state of absolute relaxation. Like after a long hike. If you go to bed with a toubled mind you will have troubled sleep. Try and work that stuff out before hitting the sack (a journal can help). And definitely don't watch a violent horror movie before bed! May I suggest uplifting music while reading your affirmations and a little prayer before tucking yourself in? Have you ever noticed you look younger the next morning after a really good night's rest? That's the goal for every night and you shouldn't have to go on vacation to get it!
     Some things that may help: the right bed, clean sheets, a quiet air filter if you can't open a window for fresh air, houseplants, a childlike atmosphere, nose strips for better breathing. Plug all your electronics into a power strip that you can turn off before bed to stop the hum.
     One more thing. Our bodies follow many different cycles (seasonal, daily, each breath, etc.) There is an important three hour cycle (ultradian) where your energy level rises, peaks, then drops down again into a low before starting the cycle over again. That's why every three hours you are on top of your game, and then an hour and a half later you feel run down and could use a nap. At this point your nerve cells are drained of the chemicals they need to communicate with each other and they need about twenty minutes to recharge. If once a day, (or whenever you really hit bottom, like the third low of the day after lunch), you can take a twenty minute nap - it will really help you stay more energized for the rest of the day. (And you really will wake up after 15 or 20 minutes - they key is to get up and not roll over for another hour!) [From "The 20 Minute Break" book by Ernest Rossi Ph.D.]

14) Deep belly breaths. Diapragmatic breathing, abdominal breathing, yoga breathing - it goes by lots of names. Breathe with your belly, not your chest. This fills up the bottom of your lungs first unlike chest breathing which just fills the tops. It helps circulation and flushes old air out of your lungs and old energy out of the energy body.
Do this: Put your tongue on the roof of your mouth (this connects the two energy meridians of your energy body - you know what I mean if you are familiar with accupuncture). Slowly inhale for a count of seven, hold for one count, then exhale for a count of seven, hold for one count, repeat. *

15) Prana. The life force (also called chi, ki, manna, etc.) It comes from sunshine, clean water and fresh air. It's also the divine energy that comes down into your body when you pray, send love to others, feel gratitude, feel beauty, heal others, meditate, create art, climb a mountain, etc. Outdoor activity, fresh air while I sleep, Pranic Healing, and the Meditation on Twin Hearts (available freely at pranichealing.com) seem to do wonders for me. Find what works for you. *

Give Your Spirit This

16) Enthusiasm. There should be something in your life that excites you. Give yourself a goal that motivates you. Find a purpose that you are passionate about. You need a vision that can get you out of bed in the morning, put a spring in your step, and a sparkle in your eye. Working toward a dream gives you wings.
     "Not all who wander from the path are lost." You may not want to be where you are in life right now. It's okay to feel that way. Just figure out what you want from life, make a game plan, and start taking steps to get it. As long as you are moving towards your vision for yourself, you should feel good inside. Accept where you are now. Make peace with yourself. Now move forward and be excited about the journey.

17) A connection to source. As you pray or meditate the spiritual cord that goes up out of your head to your higher self and beyond will strengthen. Getting in touch with your higher self is what many philosophies say this life is all about. For those who try it, it seems to make life easier and more rewarding. With a sincere prayer, ask for wisdom and guidance. To get on the path, all you need to do is make an effort to be a better person and be willing to learn. The teacher you need to get you from the level you're at to the next will always show up, (they're rarin' to go!). For me, it started with a Stuart Wilde book, and the teachers have shown up one after another ever since.
Do this: Say a prayer for everybody in the world, for mother earth, and for all the little critters. This will move a current of energy through you that is conducive to your own healing and longevity. It also helps others, making the world a better place - which of course helps you too. It's a circle of goodness. Finding the time to do this is easy. You can do it while you are driving, waiting for something, trying to fall asleep, doing the dishes, commercial breaks, walking through the mall - dozens of oppoturnities throughout your day to send off a deep, meaningful, heartfelt prayer. Notice how you feel before and after.

18) Laughter. Watch comedy movies. Try and see the humor in life and try to get jokes that God is playing on you right now. Most importantly, be able to laugh at yourself. Seriousness is unnatural and will not only bring you down, it brings down others too.
     Some folks see the folly of it all and can sincerely laugh at their mistakes or when the universe is having a laugh on them. "Stressers" have high blood pressure and heart attacks. "Laughers" have low blood pressure and harmless laugh lines on their face. I've heard of somebody curing themselves of cancer by watching comedy movies non-stop (they figured they might as well go out laughing, and it cured them!)
     Throw parties, crack jokes, read the comics, encourage others to tell their funny stories - it raises your energy level and makes you popular too.

19) An attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for all the blessings in your life. Even when they don't look like blessings at the time. Treat this life as a prestigous school, and that you, out of billions of souls, were deemed worthy of attending. Be willing to give back, be willing to recieve openly. This will line you up with the abundant flow of goodness that takers and haters are denied (becuase they're pushing it away).

20) No shame in your game. Honesty is the best policy. It keeps things simple. The stress of telling the truth once is usually much less than the stress of telling a lie forever. Honesty in word and deed. Exercise self control over your shameful impulses: coveting, insulting, lusting, cheating - you know wrong from right. By keeping your life honorable, your life will be easier (no shame stress, and doors will open for you). Telling lies splits your mind into compartments - it's best to be remain whole (holy).

Give Your Mind This

21) Learn a new skill every year. If you have always wanted to learn how to play guitar, take the steps to make that desire real. It will give you satisfaction and enjoyment for years. Make a list of all the things you wish you could do and then pick one. Learning things makes you wise and gives you an edge. It also keeps your mind stimulated and makes your brain cells grow new connections. New growth is a youthful thing.

22) Reflex sports. The faster the pace the better. Racquetball anyone? Bicycling is also great. The idea is to make your brain work at a fast pace: processing all the info coming in, making split second decisions (like which way to go), and then coordinating all the muscles to make the right moves so you don't crash and hurt yourself. After a good workout like this have you ever noticed how alive you feel - how every sense is working at a higher level?

23) Books. Reading activates your imagination in ways that a TV never will. A good book is not only fun, it's a great way to get smarter. (And more imagination, more electrical activity in your brain equals more energy running through you - like when you were a child).

24) A clean comfortable environment. You've probably noticed after cleaning a room (like the bathroom) how much better the room feels - it's as if it has more energy than the dirty room did. Your whole house should feel this way. It's not just an energy thing though, cleaning removes germs, dust mites, mold spores and other small things that can affect your health and energy level.
     If your home is filled with unfinished projects a little twinge of stress goes through you everytime you look at those piles of stuff doesn't it? Clearing the clutter from your house also clears the clutter in your head. It also means you can walk around without worrying about catching a toe on something. Spending time at home should not be a hardship, it should be a place where you can relax occasionally.
     Some folks say you should have a home that supports your inner child - the kind a place a child would feel happy in. Many also swear by feng shui (the art of placement) to facilitate the flow of life energy through the home. Clean homes are more energetic than dull dirty homes. Energy equals life, so clear the clutter, remove the toxic stuff and raise the energy level in your abode.

25) Develop emotional discipline. Cultivate serenity. Many folks are controlled by their emotions instead of being in control of their emotions. The fact is, before you can have any kind of emotional reaction - you must first choose to have that emotional reaction. You make the choice! Anger or despair doesn't just happen to you, these are emotional routines that you learned as a kid (probably from a parent) and have been replaying your whole life. And they could be killing you. The next time somebody does or says something that would normally make you mad/sad - mentally step back from yourself and take notice of your thoughts and feelings. Realize that you do have the power to shrug your shoulders and say with a laugh "whatever (you silly twit)" - then go on with your day like nothing happened. So choose to do that, instead of losing your head and replaying some old anger routine that wreaks havoc on your innards.
     Conversely, happiness is not something that randomly happens to you. Make a conscious choice to be happy and make your thoughts, words and deeds reflect that choice. Be optimistic and have a positive attitude. Look for the good, beautiful and true. If you aren't seeing them, it may take some practice because you've spent most of your life locked into a negative perspective. (Don't beat yourself up for that, it was handed to you and you didn't know better at the time). You have a lot to be grateful for. Grateful people are happy people. Give thanks for the silly twits in your life - they help you develop your inner strength.
     Big time grief and anger have their place. If your house burns down, don't shrug and say "whatever" unless you really mean it. The natural thing to do is take a few minutes and get really upset! Like a baby would. Then, after you had your good cry, its time to move on to the next chapter. If somebody burns your toast - that's definitely a "whatever" moment. Righteous anger has it's place - but it needs to be swift, have just the right amount of force, end on a constructive note, and most importantly, be for the right reasons.
     Emotion is like food. It can nourish you or destroy you. And just like you have to control the food you put into your mouth and gut; you have to control the emotion you put out from those same areas. (See the reference to the Pearly Gates in #35.)

26) Make the best decisions you can, and live with no regrets. Before making important decisions, list your options. List pros and cons. List best case and worst case scenarios. Evaluate potential risks and rewards. Then make a decision and follow through with it. Since you thought before you acted - you have a good chance of the decision turning out well. Of course it might turn into a big learning experience anyway, but that's okay. As long as you made the best decision you could with the information you had, there is no reason to have any regrets.


27) Be the boss of yourself. Set your boundries. Wherever you go (work, shopping, family), somebody will eventually want to test how much they can get away with on you. It could be yelling at you, making you work extra, harassment, guilt tripping you, disrespecting you, emotionaly toying with you, or just plain taking advantage of you.
     When a situation arises where somebody is violating your good will, your right to do your thing, your sacred space - let them know they have gone too far and that their behavior is unacepptable. If it happens again, let them know with a little more intensity. You are in charge of your life and on your own path - and no fool has the right to move you. Stand up for yourself, and with a loving heart, wield your inner sword of justice. You have the right to feel great.

28) Figure out constructive stress relievers - and do them as often as necessary. Stress kills. It can stop your heart, raise your blood pressure, twist an intestine, or just drive you crazy. Holding stress is one of the deadliest things you can do to yourself. You must find a healthy way to release the anger, frustration, marital tension, grief, guilt, financial pressure, and internal demons.
     We all have developed ways of coping with stress in our lives. Yet many of us are getting temporary relief in an unhealthy way (like popping pills or drinking too much alcohol), which ultimately leads to more stress later on. You need to find your favorite, constructive ways to blow off steam. Physical activity is probably the best method. A hard workout that leaves you physically exhausted is like hitting your personal reset button. You will awake the next day a different person (stronger, calmer).
     Have a collection of instant stress relievers to fall back on. Deep breaths, cracking a joke, counting to three, positive affirmations, calling a friend, standing in a doorway and pushing the sides out, etc. Have a list of other things that work for you: write a letter, go to the woods and scream like a lunatic (kinda fun actually), whale on a punching bag, get a massage, read scriptures, meditate, or even play a video game. Although shooting a hundred zombies isn't for everybody, some people feel pretty good afterward! Find what works for you and have a dozen techniques ready for when you need them.

29) Fix recurring problems. If you are one of those people who loses their keys or wallet every week - you know how stressful that can be. Take action to come up with a solution. Pound nails into your walls and tell yourself that you are only allowed to hang your keys on a nail. Don't go to bed until your keys, wallet and cell phone are in their spot. Develop routines so that you always have what you need when you need it. Create a budget and stick to it if overspending is a problem. Think before spending. Think before speaking. Evaluate relationships and come up with ways to improve them. Even if your solution doesn't work very well the first time, keep at it, keeping inventing. As long as you are trying to fix the problem you will feel better about yourself and things will improve because you are willing them to. And eventually, the problems will decrease. Less stress equals more life. Happiness comes when you feel good about your efforts.

30) Take hot showers and baths. A hot shower after work can wash the stress sweat off your body, ease the tension in your shoulders, give your pores a chance to dump, and relax the muscles in your face. Have you ever had an inspiration (or solution to a problem) strike you in the shower? That's another good reason too.
     Also, keeping your body clean reduces the amount of bacteria/ viruses/ molds/ and dirt that your immune system has to cope with. Main points of entry are: mouth, nose, eyes. So wash hands before eating (or picking your nose!). Don't touch your eyes. Keep fingernails trimmed - that gunk under there is a bacterial feeding ground.
     Washing off the stress and dirt also purifies your aura (the outer part of your energy body). It makes you shiney clean and puts a fresh start on the rest of your day. Cleanliness is next to Godliness you may have heard. If you can make the time for two showers a day, I recommend it.
     One last thing, try an occasional stretch in the shower. The more your back cracks, the more you know it's flexing. Good stuff!

Lighten Your Heart

31) Forgive everybody for everything. Especially yourself. We're all like wounded children walking around making a mess of things - everybody is making mistakes left and right. It's a natural part of life. As long as you learned your lesson there is no reason to keep beating yourself up. Guilt, anger, sorrow - if you overdo 'em they can make you old and bitter in a hurry.
     In your past, people did rotten things to you. Life can be rough. How have you responded? If you have not let others diminish your joy of life - congratulations. But if you are like most people, you are carrying around an old hurt (in the form of sorrow, anger or guilt) and it's time to let it go. Everybody screws up sometime. Hopefully everybody learned a valuable lesson. Every moment spent doing "blame" is a moment that would be better spent doing "happiness", "charity", or "prosperity".
     So now, forgive the f-r who f-d you over. They are a divine spark too. Trust that whatever went down happened to help you both learn and grow. Instead of being sad or angry, try a prayer saying something like, "Dear God, thank you for sending that jerk into my life. They were a great teacher to me. Even though I don't understand exactly why I had to go through that, I am more experienced and I know what I learned about myself and life will serve me well in the future. Thank you for every difficult lesson, may (so and so) be blessed with a loving heart and open eyes. I release them."
     Next time you get hurt, go through the stages quickly: learn the lesson, forgive everybody involved, and move on knowing that you are wiser and more able to avoid a repeat. You can't be filled with happiness unitl you empty yourself of sorrow, anger and guilt.

32) Accept that you can't hold on to everything forever. People will come and go in your life. Material goodies will get broken, lost, or stolen. Accept this fact and let the folks and toys flow easily through your life. Being possessive is a fear based emotion that holds you back from life's natural flow of energy. Think of the people and things in your life as being a temporary loan. Be grateful for the opportunity to play with them and learn from them. Get the most out of them while the time is right. But when it comes time to part - just let it go. Furthermore, your toys should not own you. A broken gizmo should not make the veins pop out of your forehead. You don't own people. A lover walking out should not devestate you for weeks.

33) Choose happiness. Happy folks tend to live longer than unhappy folks. Of course there are exceptions. But happy folks tend to also have a better quality of life, as well as quantity. Cultivate an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for the blessings you woke up with this morning. Like the bed, breathing, socks, lights, hot water, breakfast, music on the radio, etc. Don't worry, be happy!
     Some people would even go so far and say that being happy when out in public is your civic duty. Choosing to be depressed, violent or spiteful brings everybody down. Choosing to be of good cheer, even when faced with other folks' stupidity or callousness, is a hallmark of civilized behavior. Stress kills, laughter heals.

34) Put kindness in it. There is no good excuse for bad behavior. (I find myself wanting to say that to somebody almost every day.) Being mean can't be justified, even though almost everybody seems to have an excuse for it. (I'm no exception, sorry for ignoring you Mom). One kind word, one smile, to friends or a stranger - it can change everything. It can save a life. As your heart opens up and you become more compassionate, your life will move into a state of grace. Your aura will become golden (when alchemists of old talked about turning lead to gold - this is what some of them were talking about). When the aura goes golden, no harm can come to you, and you are surrounded by a divine energy which will nourish the cells of your body in ways that food and water never will. Some may even see a halo around your head. (It looks like a fishbowl, just like in the old paintings.) It starts by being nice to people.
     Try this: Most folks drive down the road looking at people with a critical eye (ugly! hot! slob! old fart! dumb kid!), instead, send each person you see a silent blessing. Wish them and their family success, happiness and good health. If you are happy for others success and good health it will come back to you.

Stop Poisoning Yourself

35) Say no to food you don't need. Like a mindless reptile, it's so easy to automatically fork delicious fattening calories into our pie hole and not even think about it as we're doing it. Like popping cookies down the hatch and then being suprised when the bag is empty - how did that happen so fast!
     Every morsel, from now on - consciously decide before raising your hand to your mouth if it's exactly what you want to taste, chew, digest and assimilate. If it is, then savor the rich physical, emotional and spiritual rewards it can bring you. If it isn't, then stop your hand from hurting you! And if that's too much to do at first, start by just trying to be really present and in the moment while you eat. (Unless of course it's one of those times when you have decided "I'm starving! I'm gonna feast like a freakin' animal! ROAR!" because really getting into like that can be a pleasure too. But the key is in choosing to play "animal" and not just being an animal. Got it?)
     Realize this hand to mouth motion is where self discipline starts. What you put in your mouth can nourish you or destroy you. If you can't even control your hand to your mouth, how will you ever succeed tackling the larger challenges your higher self desires? The Pearly Gates that lead to heaven - the bible is talking about your teeth!

36) Say no to poisonous substances down your hatch. Our industrial society is a bit polluted. We are ingesting way too much plastic, pesticides, heavy metals, flouride, detergents, solvents, etc.
     The food industry is filling us with HFCS (every person I know who has quit soda pop has lost weight) and over ten thousand chemical additives that they are not even required by law to list on the label.
     Medicine is supposed to be used temporarily to help you through an illness. Right? Do not take pills for the rest of your life if there is a way to work around it. Find the spiritual and natural solution for your discomfort and pursue a life without pharmaceuticals.
     Recreational pills, drugs, drinks, sweets - if you know it's going to harm you, delay, delay, delay.

37) Say no to the dark side. Anger, stealing, envy, porno, violence, greed, hatred, guilt trips, network news, manipulation, "us vs. them", sadism, mean gossip, selfishness, the urge to hurt others, indifference to others, grief, suicide, etc. The dark side will make you dark if you let it, and that elevator is going down. You need the light to stay shiney bright, but you have to earn it with a little effort now and then. House rules.

Try These Techniques

38) Juice Fast. It's a way to detox. I've heard that John Wayne died with over forty pounds of meat rotting in his guts - not healthy. Not eating (fasting) gives your digestive tract a chance to do some housecleaning. Also, because your body is not spending so much energy digesting, it can use that extra energy for self healing work that mght be backlogged. You may notice how much lighter you are on your feet, how much easier it is to get off the couch, how you need less sleep, and how skin clears up. You might be suprised how much you go to the bathroom even though you're not eating anything. It's a great way to reset your diet, like wiping the slate clean and starting over. It's also a good mental discipline to resist your cravings. Plus, it's nice to know that you can go for days without food and still function fine.
     Try this: For three days just drink fluids. Watered down juice (apple, grape, lemonade, whatever) is nice because it gives you some vitamins and a little sugar to help keep the energy level up. Some folks prefer just water. Trust your instincts doing this though. If you go too far with it you will start deteriorating and that's just causing more damage which will need to be repaired later. A few little fasts is better than one big one. In fact, some folks don't eat anything for one day out of the week and feel pretty good because of it. Many people also advocate doing a fast in the spring and one in the fall. Try it and see if you like it.

39) Reverse your age with pictures. Get a little photo album. Put some good looking recent photos in the front, and then fill the album with younger and younger pictures. So as you flip through the pages you will see yourself getting younger. Review the binder before going to bed. Hold the images of your youth in your mind. See yourself as a kid again. Who knows, maybe how you see yourself in the dream world has more effect on how you look in the waking world than anybody realizes. [From the book Entering the Circle by Olga Kharitidi]

40) Reminisce and really feel it. Start with something from last year, the best time you had. Try to see yourself there again in your mind. Recall all the sights, smells, sounds and feelings of that fine moment. Really feel it as much as you can. Try it for an event ten years ago. Be twelve again and relive how it felt to know everything! For fun, what's the oldest memory you have? As you see yourself at school, see yourself running like the wind again (like that time the bullies chased you because your mother dressed you funny, or wait, that was probably just me). Just as you can feel old now, you can feel young now too. Feelings come from your thoughts, your thoughts and feelings effect your energy body, and your physical body responds accordingly. I've had this exercise change the expression on my face dramatically before.

41) Ask your DNA to repair itself. One cause of aging is DNA deterioration. DNA is long, complex molecule inside every one of your body's cells. It's the blueprint that tells your body how it is put together. Skin cells (for example) are constantly reproducing themselves and dying off. And so, the DNA you were born with in your skin is long gone. You have a copy of a copy of a copy, etc. If you have ever copied a page on a copier, then taken that copy and copied it, then made a copy of that copy - you will notice that each copy looks worse than the last. DNA can be like that. Your body's immune system has the ability to repair the damage. However, sometimes it doesn't catch everything and a mistake is allowed to reproduce into the next generations. Try this: Imagine that there is a copy of your original DNA in the spirit world. While in a relaxed state (like in bed in the morning), ask your DNA to repair itself and to be like the original copy you were born with. For fun you can visualize little workers hoisting new parts into place, polishing the chrome, replacing springs, lights flashing, wheels spinning, etc.

42) Give your energy away. Learn energy healing, give back rubs and really put your love into it, do charity work. These kinds of activities increases the flow of divine loving energy through your spirit and body. This current will regenerate you. (And when the current stops flowing - it's game over.)
     Like the old Irish expression, "The hand that gives is never empty." It's a universal law that works for anything. Need more energy - give it away. Need more love in your life - love more. Need more money - tithe (give a percentage of your income to charity). Need happiness - make somebody happy. Use the universal laws to your advantage.

43) Mix it up. You can develop the most perfect health routine and follow it faithfully for years only to have it let you down severely. Once something becomes a mind numbing routine it loses its magic. Once your body becomes dependent on something that is a weakness.
     Here's how I take my vitamins. There are four or five bottles on the shelf, I will only grab one or two per day (if I grab any at all) and there is no specific time - just whenever the urge hits. I pick up the bottle, open it, and make a dumping motion into my hand. If nothing comes out, I put the bottle back on the shelf and take no vitamins. If a bunch come out, I usually take them all. Years ago I decreed that when I make that dumping motion into my hand only what I need will come out of the bottle. I've stuck by it. So my vitamin regimen looks like complete chaos (0 mg one day, 5,000 the next) but it feels right to me, kind of haphazard like the way nature seems to do things.
     Don't lock yourself into routines without changing them every once in a while. Give yourself a day off occasionally. Double it up occasionally. Eat waffles on pancake day. Be spontaneous and live life the way it was designed to be. Take the zig-zaggy path to perfection. I see it this way: Routine=Stagnation=Death. Variety=Growth=Life. Also, I've noticed that if I don't take the time to stop and reevaluate what I'm doing once in a while - my higher self will find a way to make me stop.

44) Spin nine times. Ok, what this is, where it comes from, why it works - that's a whole seperate report. Do this: Stand in an area where you can spin around and not trip over anything. Put your hands straight out from your sides like you are being crucified. (Not my favorite way of describing it, but now you probably know exactly what I mean.) With your arms straight out, you are going to spin to your right all the way around until you make nine revolutions. On the first spin inhale, and then hold your breath for the rest of the eight spins. Do it as fast as you can without stumbling. Do it once every day for a month and tell me what you notice. Don't do it too much more than that, it can make you spacey if you over do it. [From the books "Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth", and "The Five Tibetans", and * ]

* You can learn more in the book "Your Hands Can Heal You" by Stephen Co. This book is a game changer. It has definitely improved my life. Sure there are other books on energy healing and our energy body, but this one is so far ahead of the pack that it's the only one you need to get started. Thousands of people in every nation are healing others using this technique. It's time for some of us to reclaim our human heritage as magicians and miracle workers. Perhaps you too will feel the calling.

Appendix A: Vitamin Supplements You Really Need

Vitamin C. Humans are one of the rare mammals that can't make their own vitamin C in their liver. There is no explanation why we can't do this. (One of the others is a fruit bat that eats only citrus, so it probably doesn't need to.) Mammals that make their own vitamin C live 8-12 times longer than the time it takes them to mature. So a little dog breed that matures in a year would live 8-12 years, and a big dog breed that takes two years to mature might live 16-24 years. Six years maturity for a bear means it'll live 48-60 years. We take about 18 years to mature, so technically, it would seem, that if we produced vitamin C in our livers like the other mammals, we would naturally live to 144-216! Scientists estimate that if our livers weren't defective we would be producing 2000-4000 mg of vitamin C per day, perhaps up to 8000mg a day under heavy stress. [From "The New Truth About Vitamins and Minerals" by Bill Sardi]
     Based on that astonishing fact, popping the occasional 1000mg vitamin C tablet might make sense. (BTW, it's a water soluble vitamin which means your body can't store it, and any extra you take gets harmlessly peed away. It also means you're better off taking them throughout the day instead of all at once.)

Vitamin E. Such an important vitamin with so many uses, you aren't getting all you could use even if your diet is pretty good. Antioxidants (Vitamins A, C, and E) are your friend. Vitamin E deficiency causes neurological problems. The "dl-alpha-tocopherol" is the least expensive gel cap kind - if you can afford the kind without the "dl-" in it those are better, (just "d-"). Vitamin E is fat soluble which means your body can store it in the fat cells. Most sources say you would need to take over 100,000 mg a day before your body has problems with it. 1 IU (of the "dl" kind) equals 1 mg, so that's over 250 of the 400IU gel caps a day - so don't worry about taking too many. I pop several gel caps every few days, I think my face seems to get oilier if I take them everyday.

A Multi-Vitamin. The quality of these things is all over the map - from excellent to harmful. And you can't always go by price. And you can't always go by what's on the label because ingredients are often misrepresented. But usually, taking some sort of multiple vitamin is better than taking none. (Watch out for the ones that have too much iron and copper - something that most people don't need supplemented anyway.) I found a chart on page 175 of Bill Sardi's book that listed the results of his testing. Purity Products came out on top. I get their Perfect Multi Super Greens and a one month bottle takes me about 3-4 months to go through (because I'm not routine about it). They're not cheap so I take advantage of the discount offers and the buy 4 get one free deal as well. I can tell by how quick and easily my body absorbs these things (no funny burps) that they are the right supplement for me. (I'm not making anything off this recommendation, just trying to help: purityproducts.com - btw, I don't do the super saver program).

Omege-3 Fatty Acids. These essential nutrients make your body work better and you probably aren't getting enough unless you eat a bowl of oatmeal every morning (the best source). Flax seed oil in a bottle is great if you get it fresh and drink it within a couple weeks (it reacts with oxygen in the air and goes bad quickly). Flax seed capsules are good because the oil doesn't get exposed to air, but you don't get much in a capsule. You can also buy the seeds or buy it in dried powdered form. Just sprinkle some of that stuff on your dinner while you're cooking (it adds a mild nutty flavor if you notice it at all). Fish oil capsules also work, but for lots of people the fish oil burp is a deal killer.

Phytonutrients. Okay, not a supplement. But the point needs to be made. You need to eat plants! The more variety the better. They have vitamins in them that scientists haven't even figured out yet. Fruits and vegetables are the only way to get them. Raw or cooked, whatever, just get some everyday.

Other vitamins and minerals. I should probably take a B vitamin complex, but I've never gotten around to it. Calcium and magnesium are important, probably worth supplementing as well. If you have anxiety attacks get a bottle of lecithin and try it for a month, I hear it's needed to coat the nerves so they work better. Do some homework and start experimenting on yourself! If you find something that makes you feel better, stick with it!

Appendix B: Extra Bits That Didn't Get Squeezed In

Trust your survival instints. If you try something and it feels wrong - stop doing it. Don't let the opinion of experts misdirect your destiny.

Keep your hands off your face. The stuff in your skin that allows it to snap back into shape after being stretched is called elasticin. If you stretch the stuff enough the little springy fibers will break and the skin will remain stretched and wrinkled looking. So don't rub your eyes, or rest your cheek on your hand, or pull at the skin under your chin.
     I've found the best way to put the snap back into my face is a good workout in nature - the sweat, the fresh air, the cool breeze, it all works wonders. Of course keeping yourself properly hydrated and nourished is a must. My mom swears by rubbing a lemon peel on her face whenever she peels one for a cooking project. That seems to me like it would be harmful, but she has tight skin for an old bird (her words) so there might be something to it. I tried vitamin E oil once, it seemed to help. Expensive goo with propolene glycol in it might work in the short term, but I would be concerned about long term damage.

Be prepared. It's the Boy Scout motto. It helps keep kids alive in the woods by forcing them to think about what could go wrong and how to be ready for it. Anticipating problems before they happen so you can be ready for them - that is a skill worth cultivating. It makes life so much easier (less stressful).

Learn your food allergies. Each of us has a unique body chemistry. Some folks have severe allergic reactions to certain foods. But did you know that many of us have minor allergic reactions to many common foods? For example, the reason you may get a bit of a jolt (and phlegm too) out of a glass of orange juice is because you are having an allergic reaction. In the short term, an allergic reaction just creates a little extra work for your immune system. For long term exposure, serious aches and pains can develop. In the book, "The Pulse Test" by Arthur F Coca gives many examples and explains how you can easily test yourself by measuring your pulse before and after eating a particular food.
     Do this: Get your food you want to test. Sit and rest for a minute. Measure your heart rate (feel your pulse, count the number of beats in fifteen seconds, multiply by 4 and you have your beats per minute). Eat the food. Measure your heart rate. If it took a jump you're probably allergic to it. Retest later. That easy.

Avoid refined foods. If it comes in a box, can, jar or wrapper - it's full of stuff that is designed to keep it fresh on a shelf for a long time - and that stuff isn't good for you.

Learn your blood type diet. Researchers have found that certain blood types seem to have certain types of diet and lifestyles that work best for them. This is useful to know. Book: "Eat Right 4 Your Type" by Peter D'Adamo and Catherine Whitney. Others I've talked to who read it seem to agree that there seems to be something to it.

Visit a chiropractor once a month. Find one that feels good to you. I've had lousy ones and I'm happy to have found a great one. A good adustment usually gives me a surge of energy right away. And a healthy spine is something you'll need for long term health and comfort.

Say no to fluoride. It's a poison. Everybody agrees to that. It's indisuputable that it harms bones (lookup skeletal fluorosis). What it does to the brain is an ominous conspiracy theory that you can research yourself if you like. It's also proven that too much on the teeth can make them brittle or cause pitting (little holes) in the enamal. When it comes to our health, it's not good for anything. It's probably in your drinking water, toothpaste, soda pop (or anything else made with tap water, like canned goods) - and your dentist has a dozen different ways to serve it to you. Enough said.

Learn to listen to your body, take notes and doctor yourself. Is cheese good for you or bad for you? You can find experts with arguments for or against. How you feel after eating a cheese - that's a lot more important. And there's so much else going on. What you ate before, the setting, how tired you are, etc. Sure you've learned a lot about your chemistry over the years (peanuts give me peanut burps for over ten hours) - but decide to get into the nitty gritty of what's going on inside you. Learn anatomy. Learn nutrition. Learn what those ingredients are on the label (silicon dioxide, it's sand! Really!) Try some folk remedies. Drink more fluids. Experiment with herb supplements when sick. Read books on health. (Electrical Nutrition was pretty amazing to me - looked at food in a whole new way. The quicker it rots the better!)

Fix your teeth. An unhealthy mouth can cause problems throughout your whole body - one particular bacteria has been linked to causing heart attacks. A nice smile helps self esteem too.

Reduce your electromagnetic exposure. Holding a powerful radio transmitter next to your head (cell phone) has been proven to be harmful. Living under power lines is harmful. Perhaps you have a wireless transmitter in your home for your computer. If possible, turn it off at night. Use a handsfree set for your cell. Unplug things you don't use much. Don't use blow dryers or electric blankets. Moving around in a strong electromagnetic field can damage cells.

Evaluate your relationships. Some folks are draining. Spending less time with that type can simplify your life. If that's not an option, then train yourself to raise your physical and mental energy level. Keep yourself light and breezy. Try not to interfere with others. No pushing buttons just becuase you can!
     And by the way, when you feel drained after you talk to your mother, it's not because she's a psychic vampire, it's just that she's 70 years old and that energy flows from high to low - it's natural (best defense is keep yourself at full charge and fill her up too until she's full).

Think before speaking. This helps you live longer by reducing stress. The kind of stress that comes from hurting somebody's feelings and then feeling bad about it for example. Or, the kind of stress that comes from agreeing to do something that you really don't have the time or energy for. Are you one of those people that has to be right all the time - and do you get mad when somebody disagrees with you? Give silence a chance.

Live within your means, grow your savings account. If you have stuff in the house that you bought but don't use, then of course you can do without some of the purchases you make. Thriftyness is a good habit to develop. Wait for a sale. Teach yourself patience with delayed gratification. Get the small instead of the large. Put the extra two dollars a day in savings. (That will give you $700 a year in the account.) Having a savings account decreases stress when something major breaks. If you want to make big purchase make payments to yourself first and buy it later instead of buying it now and making interest payments. (And if you are having a hard time with that, then be glad you aren't struggling to make a real payment!) Saving is smart. Spending money you don't have isn't as clever as it sounds.

Listen to good music that gives you goosebumps. Have you ever heard a song that was so good it gave you goosebumps? Why not try and do that for yourself everyday. That kind of energy that gets your body tingling is a good thing - encourage it. When you are that excited about life, healing occurs.

Work, play or relax in nature for a while everyday. Take a walk, plant some flower bulbs, sit on a bench outside, tinker with your car on a sunny day, stare at the moon tonight. Make an effort to get some fresh air and if possible, some sunshine too. If you can get a little stretching or exercise in that is great too. Make an effort to get some fresh mountain or ocean air instead of just city air. The negetive ions counter out the free radicals (oxidants, the things that make you rust). Getting away from noisy distractions is a plus if you can pull that off.

Stretch. Don't lose your flexibility either. Fortunately flexibiltity can be regained with practice. Stretching is a simple exercise that might take ten minutes out of your day. Consider the average hour of television has almost a half hour of commercials. With stetching you increase your blood flow, keep your limbs limber, straighten your spine, protect yourself from injury in a fall, and other benefits.

Keep learning. Soy is full of phytates and other anti-nutirents (substances that block nutrients from being absorbed). So you're probably better off without the soy milk or soy protien if you're into that sort of thing. Lettuce has a trace of a toxin in it (most plants do, it's a self protection thing), so it's best to not eat it every day so the toxins don't build up over the years. (Lettuce gets tons of pesticides dumped on it too, but that's a different subject). Did you know any of this stuff?

Hang out with young people. their youthful enthusiasm and high energy level can be contagious. But this can backfire if you overhear somebody say "who's the old guy?" (I'm laughing now, but it kinda hurt at the time!)

Well that's enough for now. Hopefully you found some ideas and strategies to help you live a long, healthy, happy life. Share the good news!

Copyright 2011, by Robert Baker. All rights reserved.